My son used to walk around here like a zombie because he could fall asleep but never stay asleep at night. He would keep himself awake with his own snoring.  We tried a bunch of different products till a Chiropractor friend of mine recommended Slumber Now for his snoring. Since he started using Slumber Now, I have noticed that his moods have changed and he is a much happier person.

My husband and I had been sleeping in separate rooms for over a year. We had tried everything to stop his snoring. Nothing worked! I missed our closeness. So you can only imagine that when his snoring stopped our married life got better. Thanks Slumber Now!

I started using Slumber Now a few months ago. I didn’t realize how my lack of sleep was affecting me until I had my first normal night’s rest. I slept through the whole night without constantly having to go the bathroom. I find myself less irritated in the morning and I haven’t had to hit the snooze button in a while.